What's Different in Canada

A Beginner's Guide to the Differences Between the Two Most Similar Countries on Earth

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Santa Writes Back


In case you didn’t think Canada was adorable enough, Santa writes back to letters he receives from Canadian children. All you need to do is write a letter and address it “Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada” (seriously, not making this up) between November 3rd and December 17th and he will write back. While various world powers argue about who owns the North Pole, Canada stakes their claim in a super cute, old-fashioned way. This tradition dates back to 1982, and always the multicultural one, Santa will respond to his million-plus pieces of mail each year in the language they were written in. 

Nunavut Grocery Prices are Insane

Nunavut has the dubious distinction of having the highest prices for goods in North America. Really, they are insane. 

Obviously this is because Nunavut is so remote, many products need to be flown in or driven across frozen lakes to get them to Nunavut grocery stores, and there is not a lot of volume in a place with 30,000 people. The government tries to correct this by giving people in Nunavut some of the most generous welfare payments in Canada, but even then, you still have to buy things like $30 bottles of crappy juice. 

There's Just One Highway in America With All Metric Road Signs

Bulk Barn

Bulk Barn is an only-in-Canada godsend to thrifty-minded moms from Halifax to Vancouver. It features hundreds of bulk items in giant bins that you can scoop out into little bags; everything from corn starch and flour to various candies to the best part of Lucky Charms (the marshmallows.) There is also a surprising number of piñatas in every store. There are over 200 stores across Canada in every province, and every Canadian alive is guilty of secretly sampling from the bins.